CD Drive or DVD Drive

The program that you have purchased is on a DVD-ROM disc and cannot be installed using a CD-ROM drive. To verify if your PC has a DVD or CD drive, perform the following steps below. Windows operating system:

  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Select My Computer(XP) or Computer (Vista/7)
  3. Under devices with removable storage next to the drive letters [ex. (D:)]
Note: If it says any of the following, you have a DVD drive and can run both CDs and DVDs with this drive:
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • DVD-RW Drive
  • DVD/CD-RW Drive
  • DVD Drive
  • DVD/CD-ROM Drive
Note: If it says any of the following, then you can only run CD-ROM disks and CD disks:
  • CD-RW Drive
  • CD Drive
  • CD-ROM Drive
MAC operating system:
  1. Go to the Apple
  2. Select About This MAC
  3. Select More Info
  4. Select Hardware
  5. Select ATA found under the hardware option
  6. In the right-side of the window, this will show you the drives on your MAC or laptop.
    If you have a CD drive, unfortunately this program will not be able to install on your computer.

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