PrintMaster 2012 Platinum


Unable to import projects from Previous Versions into 2.0, 2011 and 2012.


The Print Shop 15 – 23.1 and PrintMaster 16 - 18.1 used the following file formats

.Sig .Biz .Nws
.Car .Cer .Bro
.Ban .Not .Hcr
.Lbl .Fax .Web
.Env .Let .Pcr
.Sti .Tsh .Cft
.Php .Sbp .Cal
These file formats will work in any version between Print Shop 15 and Print Shop 23.1. But will not work in the Print Shop 2.0,  The Print Shop for MAC, PrintMaster 2.0, PrintMaster 2011, PrintMaster 2012, PrintMaster v5.0, PrintMaster v6, PrintMaster v7 Platinum or PrintMaster v8 Platinum. 

For the Print Shop 2.0 we used the file Format .PSproj which can only be opened by this version of the Print Shop. You cannot import projects from version 23.1 or older in this.

For PrintMaster 2.0, PrintMaster 2011, PrintMaster 2012, PrintMaster v5.0 and PrintMaster v6, we used a proprietary project format .pmx which can only be used in these versions. You cannot import projects from PrintMaster version 18.1 or older in this.


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