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Calendar Creator™ includes an extensive in-program library of "How To" articles, tutorials and quick-start steps to help you create, refine and finish your calendar projects. These help files are easy to find and easy to use. The remainder of this note describes where to find the Calendar Creator™ in-program help system and how it can be used to help you help yourself.
Help Contents
To open the Calendar Creator® Help system, complete the steps that follow.
  1. Open Calendar Creator™ and open a new or existing calendar collection.
  2. Click Help in the menu bar and click Help Contents. The Calendar Creator Help window will open.

    NOTE: Calendar Creator Help can also be accessed by pressing the F1 key located near the top-left of the keyboard.

  3. Search the Calendar Creator Help using one of the following methods:
  • Contents: The Contents tab separates the program help by categories. Click the Contents tab to search by a category.

  • Index: The Index tab allows searching by a specific topic (e.g., importing, calendar collections, Copyrights, etc.). Click the Index tab to search by topic.

    NOTE: The Index search offers the best results.
  • Search: The Search tab allows searching the entire Calendar Creator™ Help contents by a keyword. For example, if searching for the word "events", the results will display all help topics that include the word "events" in the title or text. Click the Search tab to search by keywords.

After locating the desired category (Contents tab), topic (Index tab) or keyword (Search tab), double-click the desired topic found. The results will display to the right of the window.

NOTE: Use the Back and Forward buttons located above the three tabs to navigate through topics you have opened.

Technical Support

To access the online Calendar Creator® Technical Support, complete the steps that follow.
  1. Open Calendar Creator™ and open a new or existing calendar collection.
  2. Click Help in the menu bar and click Technical Support. The following choices will appear:
  • Frequently Asked Questions…
  • Hints and Tips…
  • Troubleshooting…

NOTE: Each of these categories is described below..

Frequently Asked Questions…

Choosing this option opens the main online Calendar Creator™ FAQ's page. These technical notes include solutions to the most common questions ranging from "How To" instructions to resolutions for error messages and procedures describing how to properly install and uninstall the program.

Also found at the bottom of this FAQ page are Calendar Creator™ updates when available. (Clicking the Software Updates button under the Self Service Tools heading also links to the bottom of the page.) When downloads are available for Calendar Creator™ , they are found under the Calendar Creator™ Associated Downloads heading.

If a download is available, read its description carefully before downloading the file. If the download applies to the issue that has occurred, instructions are presented that describe how to continue.

Typically a download is developed to resolve a specific technical issue that occurs when running a program on a specific operating system. Additional technical issues can result when attempting to use a download to resolve an issue for which it was not developed. Downloading an available file when it does not apply to the issue that has occurred is not recommended.
Hints and Tips…

Like the Calendar Creator™ in-program library, notes found in this section describe how to use the program and program features. This is the best place to view "How To" procedures that are requested most by Calendar Creator™ users. Most of the information found in the Calendar Creator™ online Hints & Tips section is also found in the Calendar Creator™ in-program help described above.

The Troubleshooting option will open the online troubleshooting system for Calendar Creator™. Here you can search for specific error messages and enter keywords to describe the technical issue that has occurred. Categories are also presented to help refine the search.

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