Attention Encore Customers

If you purchased a digital download from us and are seeing the following error message, you may be experiencing an issue with a copy protection technology that has been discontinued. Purchases made after January 1, 2011 are not affected by this issue.

If your purchase falls within the period above and you are getting this error please do the following.

  1. Click here to submit a ticket to Encore Customer Service.
  2. In the ticket, please be sure to enter your original order number for your purchase. Your order number can be found on the activation email that was sent to you at the time of your purchase.
  3. When our support team handles your incident, you will receive a new e-mail from one of our websites with a new link and key to re-download your purchase. NOTE: It is extremely important that you completely uninstall the previous version of your download containing the old copy protection technology before installing the new one. If you do not, the old copy protection will prevent you from using your new download.

Common Questions
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